Corporate Stances


What is a corporate stance? A corporate stance is a deliberative position, policy, or action taken in response to the needs of the Congregation. It is a statement which reflects a corporate consciousness resulting from individual study, prayerful reflection and commonly shared values.  A corporate stance must involve an issue both external and of major importance to the Congregation because:

  1. it affects us as Christians, as Dominicans, and as citizens of the Earth.
  2. it is a response to the Gospel and the social teachings of the Church
  3. it is one about which members can be generally informed and in which those preparing the proposal have done adequate background study.

Why are corporate stances important? Corporate stances allow the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Caldwell to offer deliberate, measured responses to the concerns of our time within the framework of our Mission and Vision statements. Actions which are taken to implement a corporate stance must be possible, just (i.e., respectful of the rights of the Congregation, non-violent in principle, intent and behavior, and reflective of Gospel values), and responsible with awareness of impact. 

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