Spotlight: Cathy Cappiello, OPA




Cathy Cappiello, OPA, received her introduction to the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Caldwell at an early age. Her mother had a deep affection for the sisters and instilled that in Cathy. Her parents also valued Catholic education and sent Cathy to St. Aloysius Grammar School, Mount Saint Dominic Academy (MSDA), and Caldwell College (now University), all in Caldwell, New Jersey.

The Caldwell Dominicans’ Motherhouse property and the campus of MSDA and Caldwell College were special places for Cathy. They felt very sacred and like “home” as soon as she stepped onto the property. She shared this feeling with many of her classmates. Cathy also spent as much time as she could in the MSDA chapel, the perfect place for a moment of quiet time in meditation and prayer while attending high school. During these years, Cathy developed strong values and an understanding of the Dominican Pillars of prayer, study, community, and mission, which she has taken with her through her life’s journey. She has had a variety of Dominican angels, both sisters and associates, guide her on this path as well.

For nine years, Cathy facilitated the “Rainbows for All God’s Children” program for children dealing with loss at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church (OLBS), her lifelong parish in Roseland. She also created and administered the associated Parents’ Support Group. For fourteen years, Cathy taught eighth grade religious education classes. She attended a variety of workshops and programs offered at her church, eventually connected with her Reiki master, and proceeded to become a third-level Reiki practitioner offering yearly retreats.

The Caldwell Dominicans’ Lumen Center programs became an important part of Cathy’s life of prayer and study, deepening her relationship with God. She attended Faith Quest Lenten programs, which are collaborative adult education forums in the Archdiocese of Newark, and joined the OLBS committee. She became very active in her parish as a lector, eucharistic minister and food pantry driver and is currently a co-chair of the Pastoral Council.

Twelve years ago, Cathy became a Caldwell Dominican associate. Currently the Human Trafficking Subcommittee Coordinator for CGI (Commission on Global Issues), Cathy recently joined the Associates Core Team on both the formation and hospitality subcommittees.

Married with two children and five grandchildren, Cathy considers her family her greatest blessing. She recently retired from a 48-year career as a global customer service director to spend more time with them.

Cathy has always felt that she is a disciple of Jesus and a servant to all. She continues to say “yes” to the nudges of the Lord, even though initially she may have some hesitation. She is extremely grateful to all of the sisters and associates who join her on her life’s journey.

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