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Why Dominican Young Adults?
DYA brings together young adults with similar goals and values and inspires them to do more, to strengthen their faith,
to build lifelong friendships, and to participate in Dominican Life and become part of the larger Dominican Family.

What does DYA do?
The Dominican Young Adult movement is focused on the four pillars of Dominican Life.

Different forms of prayer (traditional, meditation, song, dance, etc.) are experienced
as members have the opportunity to plan the prayer for each meeting.

DYA Groups to study the signs of the times as well as the Dominican Traditions – topics are varied
and can range from the Dominican Saints, to care of the earth, to immigration reform.

Service varies from group to group in their local communities, but have included:
home rebuilding, collection of clothes and food, Volunteering at soup kitchens or with the elderly.

Group meetings vary from once every two months to once a week – each group decides what is best for them. These communities include
associates, students, faculty, young adults from the outside community, and vowed religious coming together as one group.

The Caldwell Chapter is being formed. For more information, contact Sister Pat Stringer, O.P., at

Dominican Young Adults USA – one of the newest members of the Dominican Order in the United States!

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