Caldwell Associates

Who Are We?

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Associates are women and men, eighteen years of age or older, married or single, who enter into a relationship with the Caldwell Dominican Congregation by responding to a call to live the Dominican charism:

Laudare – to praise God at all times
Benedicere – to bless God’s creation with care and healing
Praedicare – to preach God’s Word by the way we live and (when necessary) with words…

In this relationship, Associates are able to deepen their own spirituality and prayer life by actively engaging in the vision and mission of the Congregation. Associate life is enriched by opportunities to work for peace and social justice, to study, live and teach the mysteries of the universe and the sacredness of all creation, and to develop a passion for contemplation. In the spirit of Vatican Council II which emphasized the universal call to holiness, our Associates’ Handbook reminds us that: “All are called to holiness and to nurture the implication that all are called to contemplation.”  How better to manifest one’s own love of God and the world!

Become An Associate:

We invite all who are interested in sharing Associate life with the Caldwell Dominican Congregation to contact us using the information provided below. After approval, a candidate enters into a year of discernment during which three orientation sessions are held focusing on the history of the Dominican Order, the Caldwell Dominican Congregation and its vision and mission, and the Dominican saints. Each candidate is assigned a mentor who will be a support and guide during the year. At the end of the year, a formal reception is held during which the candidate commits to journeying with the Caldwell Dominican Congregation and supporting its mission as it is expressed in their own individual lives. This commitment may be renewed every year. The Caldwell Dominican Congregation has no financial obligation to the Associate nor does the Associate have any financial obligation to the Congregation.

For more information, contact:

Corinne Thompson, OPA
Director, Caldwell Associates


Sister Donna Marie O'Brien, OP
Advisor, Caldwell Associates


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