Become a Dominican Sister

Do you have a deep personal relationship with God? 
Desire to live a life of prayer, study, community, and ministry?
Wish to participate in the mission of Jesus?
Have an open mind?
Seek justice?
Revere all God’s creation?
Seek ways to help people in need?
If you answer "yes," you may have a religious vocation.

Our Foundress:  Mother Catharine Muth
Her Dream Lives On

Mother Catherine

Mother Catharine Muth

On May 26, 1884, a nun from Jersey City traveled all the way out to Caldwell by horse and buggy taking a huge step in making her dream come true! Mother Catharine Muth, the nun in question, was a Dominican who had led a group of her sisters from their monastery in Brooklyn to Jersey City to establish a community to help educate the children of the German immigrants.

As she witnessed the poverty and poor health of the children and her sisters living in 19th century city squalor, she courageously moved her frail sisters and eventually the novices to Caldwell, “the Denver of the East.” She dreamed of Caldwell becoming a place to care for the orphans and a place where Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament could be a part of the nuns’ community prayer life. Soon the nuns established a school in Caldwell while continuing their work in Jersey City. In time, Mother Catharine led a congregation with 15 missions, 150 sisters, and 23 postulants (women desiring to be sisters).


444Some thoughts to consider........
Are you a single, Catholic woman?
Do you have a personal prayer life and desire to deepen that prayer in community and ministry?
Do you appreciate diversity and welcome the experience of living and working with a wide variety of people?
Do you desire to use your gifts for the service of others?
If this life draws you…
     - pray
     - participate in spiritual direction

Sister Patricia Stringer

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Candidates – begins with a simple entrance ceremony. As a candidate, you live in a local community with professed sisters and share in their prayer and common life while engaging in ministry. With ongoing discernment with the candidate director, you will discern your call to Dominican life and the capacity to live this life. It is a time of immersion in the history, customs, and lived reality of the congregation.

Canonical Novitiate – usually follows the candidate year. It generally is spent in the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate in St. Louis, Missouri. Dominican novices from across the country gather together in close proximity to Aquinas Institute of Theology. This is a year of contemplative prayer and intense study of the vows.  Novices continue to deepen their experience of the Dominican Order.

Apostolic Novitiate – usually follows the canonical year. This is a time of integrating the learning of the canonical year with the lived experience of full-time ministry and local community living.

Temporary Profession –is made at the completion of the novitiate. The taking of vows indicate the desire to live Dominican life as a professed Sister. This time period can last from three to six years.

Final Profession – is made anywhere from three to six years after first profession. The proclamation of final vows indicates a definite capacity to live as a Dominican for a lifetime.

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