Preaching The Word


July 21, 2019
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Genesis 18:1-10a  +  Colossians 1:24-28  +  Luke 10:38-42

Reflection by: Sister Carol Van Billiard, OP



“Martha, Martha, you are busy
about many things.”

Who was Martha?

A woman who lived in Bethany

The sister of Mary and Lazarus

A personal friend of Jesus





Martha represents all women and men who care for the home, cook the meals, bake and clean the house. One day Martha had company—Jesus himself. Martha cooked a delicious meal. Mary, her sister, sat and talked with Jesus. Okay! You can’t leave a guest alone. But, when the time came to serve the meal, Martha needed help. Instead, she got a rebuke.

What were her feelings? Was she angry? Hurt? Jealous? Did she want to cry? She did all, the cooking, cleaning and serving, for Jesus and he says, “Mary has chosen the better part!” After dinner was over and Martha was in the solitude of her room, she reflected on what happened. It is true.  Mary did choose the best part: communion with Jesus. But, how many hard working, homemaking, caregiving people would love a chance to sit quietly, mind serene, and converse with and listen to Jesus. For them, this must be done on the run as they continue the task of caring for others.

So, Martha, stand tall.
Do not feel like a lesser person.
Your vocation is noble.


Image: VERMEER, Johannes – Christ in the House of Martha and Mary – 1654-56(Oil on canvas, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, Photographer: Antonia Reeve)

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