Preaching The Word


November 21, 2021
The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Daniel 7:13–14  +  Revelation 1:5–8  +  John 18:33b–37

Reflection by: Sister Ann Marie Rimmer, OP

The feast of Christ the King is a relatively new feast in the Church. Pope Pius XI witnessed the horrors of World War I and the rise of dangerous dictators. He called the world to refocus on Christ the King, and he asked the people of all nations and faiths to see ourselves embedded in God’s Kingdom.

Today’s readings give us many images on Christ the King to ponder. Daniel focuses on Christ’s dominion, glory and kingship. The invitation is to live in hope. God’s truth will be accomplished.

In 1969, Pope Paul VI changed the title to add King of the Universe to give us a greater sense of eschatology or end times, while scientists and theologians were emphasizing that all created life is a revelation of God. A loving King who would care for all, they wanted us to understand that God’s care and concern reached all creation, plants, animals, Earth itself. Pope Francis, in Laudato Si’, emphasizes our role as co-creators with the King to assist in that care.

When Jesus and Pilate dialogue in John’s Gospel, Jesus talks about his Kingship expressing justice, love and peace. Pilate doesn’t get it. He is a leader fearful and wanting to hold on to power.

Good leadership is essential today. Our world is in transition. Global warming is threatening the very life of the planet. Millions of refugees flee war, violence, and unjust systems that deprive many of their rightful share of Earth’s abundance. Racial justice has not been accomplished. Let us be co-creators with our King. No act is too small to assist in the transformation of our Earth into a place of justice and love. How will you respond?

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