Preaching The Word


January 19, 2020
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Isaiah 49:3, 5-6 + 1 Corinthians 1:1-3 + John 1:29-34

Reflection by: Sister Honora Werner, OP

“Illumine the nations so salvation reaches all!” What a challenge from Isaiah!
How can we even begin to meet it?

Hint: John the Baptist says he has seen Jesus
and can now testify that he is of the Holy Spirit.

So, we too have glimpsed Jesus.
Actually, we glimpse Him over and over in different ways as long as we live.
Now it is our turn to testify. But how?

The psalmist prays a readiness to do what God wants.
And God’s response is amazing. God puts a new song into the psalmist’s mouth.
Thus he is able to announce God’s justice everywhere!

We, called to proclaim Good News, tell God we are ready, even willing,
but how can we testify; how can we announce Divine Justice?

God gives each of us a song to sing. A new song! No one’s song is like any other.
No one’s voice is like any other.
Some soprano, some alto, some lovely sounding, some not so.
Some silent, sung in gesture only!

Some are songs of presence.
But each of us has a song to sing so that everyone can receive,
can “hear” the Good News!

Come now. Join the chorus once again!

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