Preaching The Word


April 18, 2021
Third Sunday of Easter
Acts of the Apostles 3:13-15; 17-19  1 John 2:1-5a  + Luke 24:35-48

Reflection by: Sister Barbara Moore, OP

Luke continues his Emmaus story with the two disciples. Recalling how they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, they continued on in their journey.  We read “While in their joy, they were startled and still wondering.” (R.S.V. Luke 24:41)  Much like you and I, while our faith affirms, questions intrude.   

Catching up to them Jesus acknowledges their humanness.  He appeals to their intellect.  He “opens their minds” to all that had been written in the Scriptures.  He appeals to their senses.  “Touch me and see.”  He appeals to their emotions.  Why do you doubt?  Why do you fear?  “Peace be with you.”

The puzzled look on the Kitchen Maid’s face so very well captures her attentiveness to possibility.  Is this true?  Is he really here, in our house, with those people, this close to me?  Can it be today opening us up further to our daily Emmaus walk, inviting each of us to a deeper understanding and faith?

Echoed by Denise Levertov in her poem portraying the thoughts of the Kitchen Maid, we listen to possibilities.  We welcome a visiting Jesus into our hearts and every life.

“She listens, listens, holding her breath.
Surely that voice
is his—the one
who had looked at her, once,
across the crowd, as no one ever had looked?
Had seen her?
Had spoken as if to her? …”

Denise Levertov, The Servant Girl at Emmaus


For complete poem:
Image: Diego Velázquez, “The Kitchen Maid with the Supper at Emmaus,” National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, c.1620–1622

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