Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

(Reaffirmed by Chapter 2015)

We, Sisters of Saint Dominic of Caldwell, are a community of vowed women religious responding to God’s call and united in our quest for the unfolding revelation of God. We preach the Word of God through our lives of contemplative prayer, study and ministry in response to the needs of our time.round earth


Vision Statements 1995
(Reaffirmed by Chapter 2015)

  • We will reclaim our passion for contemplation, and choose this as our lens through which we make decisions, live our lives, minister, and perceive our world.
  • We will hold the promotion of Justice as top priority in every area of our Congregation.
  • We will commit ourselves to deepen our studying, living and teaching the mysteries of the universe and the sacredness of all creation.
  • We resist the ongoing devastation of our planet by a contemplative scrutiny of our use/abuse of Earth’s gifts.

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