Sister Lenore DeCoster, OP

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Sister Lenore’s obituary lists the things she did; those privileged to live with her remember the way she did them. As the oldest in a large family, she came to religious life with a natural gift for positions of leadership in the congregation, in the university, in schools and parishes. At home, her sisters appreciated her gift for always doing what needed to be done, without complaint, without fanfare. Her sudden death was a mirror-image of her life: quiet, efficient, decisive, with maximum consideration for those around her. Lenore was always prompt—impatient, in fact, with any delay before an event or lingering after it. Because she never wasted a minute, she could spend time generously on what she felt was really important.  Time for the sick and elderly, whom she visited daily and for those serving the sick, whom she assisted with compassion and imagination.  Time for family: on her desk they found a little stack of cards addressed and stamped for mailing to those with August birthdays and anniversaries. Time for friends, former community members, and students with whom bonds were never broken.  Time to pick flowers for a daily gift of beauty for her local community. Just home from a retreat with the Dominican mystics, Lenore was radiant as she shared with those who had gathered on the eve of Saint Dominic her once-in-a-lifetime experience of our founders’ monastery at Regensburg: “I felt like I had come home,” she glowed. On the Feast of Saint Dominic, Lenore did just that, dying as she lived, with perfect timing.

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