Sister Elizabeth Marie Mason, OP

In Matthew 14:22-29 Jesus sends the disciples into the boat headed to another shoreline. Seventy-six years ago a country kid from Mine Hill got into the boat (actually the family car) to come to Caldwell to begin the journey of a lifetime. What would the shoreline be like? Where would it lead? 

The first stop after profession…Asbury Park, New Jersey…about as far from Mine Hill as someone could be assigned and still be in New Jersey. Fourteen years were spent seven blocks from the ocean. Liz was assigned to mentor a young sister…Lauretta Timothy…a lifelong friendship began.

The boat headed to other shorelines…principal and superior in Kenilworth during the renewal years in religious life. Long habit to short…balancing elder sisters and young professed. Why couldn’t younger sisters express opinions? Liz was on board for new directions.

The kid from Mine Hill went to Hudson County. A new shoreline on Hudson Street …26 years…Liz and Lauretta captured the hearts of Hoboken.

There comes a time…Jesus invited Peter to step out of the boat…from Hoboken to Hackettstown…to Caldwell…assistant archivist, volunteer in the activities department…Liz filled out her ministry intent form for 2017-2018…she signed up to be the full-time receptionist for St. Peter at the pearly gates. Perhaps those gates are very close to the bench on the Sea Girt boardwalk she and Lauretta loved so much. 

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