ann_dominicSr. Ann Dominic Vano, OP

Sister Ann Dominic Vano, OP, bore the names of two saints “at the heart of the Church.”  Most of us remember a grandmother as “the heart of the family” and so, the grandmother of Jesus, St. Ann!  When we celebrate the feast of St, Dominic, in the entrance antiphon of the Mass we recall him as speaking from the midst (read heart!) of the Church.  During her 75 years of Dominican life Sister Ann ministered always from the heart of the Church.  Early years found her making a clean and comfortable home for her sisters in the domestic Church.  All those years she spent in the kitchen of the Infirmary, she made the tastiest meals (and snacks!) for the frail elders there in that domestic Church.  In the parish Church she opened the minds of little ones to the goodness and bounty of God.  Then she moved to the wider Church of the parish’s social ministry to the people most in need.  For decades she mobilized the people of St. Michael’s in Union and beyond to offer food, clothing, refuge – and friendship to those living on the margins.  Among those, she showed special affection and attention to people with developmental disabilities.  Who can forget her tireless work among the campers at Camp Fatima or those exciting Christmas parties she hosted – with the help of hundreds of men and women she lured into service!  Even as she became frail herself, her concern for all in St. Catherine’s continued. Who was left in Chapel at dinner time?  Who was still in her room?  Ann checked on all of them!  Well named, this woman who preached with a lifetime of service from the heart of the Church, now enjoys her place in the Church Triumphant! We will never forget her example and spirit!

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