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As we move through the Holy Triduum, Sister Honora Werner, OP, provides us with this reflection:

Were you there?
Were you there when they crucified Him?
Were you there? Are you there?

John speaks of a beloved disciple who did not leave Jesus until he was buried.
John was referring to you and me and to all those who try to be faithful,
who know they are beloved.
We, beloved disciples. We were there.
We are there.

What difference has it made that we are there? “Faithful” means our witness shapes our lives. Sometimes we look positively crazy to the popular culture whose mantra is, “Me first!” There are times we fail. That’s when the Beloved Community calls us back and supports our feeble efforts to be faithful. To strengthen our resolve, each year we recall His Passion and Death in deeply powerful rituals. We also do it each time we celebrate the Eucharist. But this year we cannot do that. The Stations of the Cross and Rosary’s Sorrowful mysteries help us remember.

But today, Good Friday, we sink into the reality of what John proclaims in this Gospel. Amid a pandemic tempting us to fear, to selfish hoarding, to blaming others,
to anything that pulls us away from the Beloved Community,
we stand as witness to Jesus the Savior of All, and for the way of living he taught us.

Yes, we were there when they crucified Our Lord.
And we are here amid terrible suffering world-wide.
The Body of Christ endures a Passion again.
We are here, as the Body suffers, dies and is buried.
We will be here too, as witnesses to the new life.
But first we must witness this Passion.
We are here.

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