Memorial Tree of Life


The Sisters of Saint Dominic
invite you to add
your own personal leaf to our Tree of Life!


A visitor’s first impression of St. Catherine’s in Caldwell is that of a comforting oasis of prayer and serenity. The quiet beauty of the Tree of Life in the convent lobby speaks gently and lovingly of the spirits of our remembered loved ones — those still living and those who have returned home to eternal life with God.

The Tree of Life, formed of inscribed golden leaves that shimmer in sunlight and rest peacefully in the darkness of night, offers a comforting presence and a perpetual message of love, appreciation and remembrance.

The golden leaves can be inscribed with various types of messages:

  • In memory of the family you love
  • In memory of a deceased person or persons, parents, friend
  • In appreciation of an individual sister whose presence and ministry blessed your life
  • In appreciation of sisters in a specific convent whose ministry has been a blessing for the parish
  • In gratitude for a good friend or a benefactor

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For more information, contact our Development Office.
Phone: 973-403-3331, ext 46


Completed forms may be mailed to: 
Sisters of Saint Dominic of Caldwell

Development Office
One Ryerson Avenue
Caldwell, New Jersey 07006-6198

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