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On this Easter Sunday, Sister Barbara Moore, OP, gives us this reflection on the faith and hope we have in a resurrected Jesus:

Mary Magdalen. It is easier this year for one to get in touch with her grief. The shock of those hours beneath the cross replayed in her mind. How could this be? At daybreak she would go to the tomb, perhaps to just sit close in wonderment and remembering.

The empty tomb, the shroud and cloth; what does this mean? “For they did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead.” (v. 9)

We live today in a bewildered and fear-filled world. Like Peter, John and Mary Magdalen we do not yet understand. Perhaps we never will.

Today we celebrate the faith and hope we have in a resurrected Jesus. In Luke-Acts we hear Peter, in short-hand, sketch out the foundation for our faith and hope in the human life of Jesus. We are commissioned to bring that faith and hope into our troubled world by living it ourselves.

In Corinthians, Paul invites us to “clear out the old yeast that we may become a fresh batch of dough!” (v.6). The reality of Resurrection invites us to new life beginning here and especially now. These troubled days can be for each us ones of transformation.

May it be the good news of Easter 2020!

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